PTA Cancer Awareness Walk/Run


Walk/Run & Donate

All funds collected will be turned in to the American Cancer Association. 
Cancer Awareness Walk

Parent Webinar- January

Positive Parenting Solutions – Get Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling…. January webinars available.

Parenting classes

Pre-K Learning & Fun


PK (13)

PK (10)

PK (6)



MS Field Trip – Mobile Learning Lab

7th Graders Visit the Abiomed Mobile Learning Lab @ UTEP

Inspiring Moment? Insha’AllahMS-Field Trip-Mobile Learning Lab (3) MS-Field Trip-Mobile Learning Lab (2)

MS-Field Trip-Mobile Learning Lab (5)

Student Council Promotes Recycling

MS recycling


Annual Fundraiser – February 10th

Fundraiser-Flyer 2-2017

Scholastic Book Fair Update

Alhamdulillah – we earned $429.00 from our Book Fair!

Thank you all for participating!


Box Tops for Education Campaign

Help us earn cash for Palm Tree Academy. Download the Box Tops for Education app, register, and select Palm Tree Academy as your school. Shop and Scan! We are always in need of PE supplies/equipment. Thank You!


Dawah Training for Youth

Students in 4th – 7th grades participated in dawah training. Str. Sina’a assigned Khutbah topics for this group that included:

  • Why is it haram to eat pork?
  • The importance of wearing hijab
  • Prophet Muhammad’s best friends
  • Benefits of saying ‘Salalahu alaihi wa salam’
  • Importance of prayer
  • Prophet Muhammad’s appearance
  • Muslim manners in school
  • Cleanliness in Islam
  • Women’s rights in Islam
  • Importance of reciting Surah Al Fatiha
  • What breaks wudu and salah?

Students were required to research their topics and give an oral presentation in front of parents and peers. The two top presenters were each awarded $15 gift cards. Congratulations to both!

The best award is the knowledge gained and the message shared by all!

May Allah (SWT) guide them always to become leaders.

Scholastic Fair News

Alhamdulillah! We are at $430 in our book fair profit! JazakumAllah Khayran to all who participated in our fair; students, parents, volunteers, and staff!